A comprehensive guide to all the Cornish beaches

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Cornwall has a unique and magical coastline with over 400 beaches that are accessible on foot. Collectively they are the most varied in character of anywhere in the UK and arguably in the world.

The North Coast has iconic sandy beaches  backed by either high windswept cliffs or sand dunes and exposed to the Atlantic swell and wind which produces outstanding surf.

By comparison the South Coast is more sheltered with wonderful coves and backed by a legendary coastal landscape with picturesque fishing harbours and stunning estuaries.

This site has detailed information on every beach however big or small. Just click on to the section of coastline of interest and then to the beach required. Alternatively click on to the A to Z list of beaches if the name of the beach or cove is known.

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Further Information

This website provides a wealth of valuable and useful information on Cornwall's Beaches but there are other websites the author would recommend for more detailed and specialist information not just on beaches but related subjects.

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It is produced by Mike Hawkey with the aim of providing and sharing information that is ideal for leisure, tourism and education. It is supported by 'Cornwall Beach Information', a voluntary organisation he has set up with the purpose of keeping it up-to-date.

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Whilst the author has visited every beach and researched all the information as thoroughly as possible he cannot be liable for the information contained in this site and any changes that may occur even though the site is regularly updated.

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Gwithian Beach
News Update

As a result of a series of severe storms coinciding with very high tides in January 2014 many beaches have changed dramatically. Some have lost all their sand whilst at others cliff falls have meant access paths have disappeared or altered significantly.
Many descriptions on the beach pages are therefore no longer as accurate as they should be and will be updated as soon as possible.